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BadClay Studio

Your boutique VFX studio for feature Film, television and other media

Made in Việt Nam, with international quality standards in mind

With more than 30 Feature films done as the main VFX facility, BadClay has the experience and knowledge to provide your project with outstanding VFX


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About the studio

Bad Clay Studio is a VFX, Animation and 3D outsourcing studio based in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam).

The studio was founded in 2013, it is run by a veteran French VFX artist (Thierry Nguyen) with 18 years of experience in Hollywood, European and Asian VFX and animation industry.

Since then, Bad Clay has been one of the leading cinematic VFX studios in Vietnam, providing VFX production on over 20 Vietnamese feature films including latest local box office hits such as "Furie”, "Trang Ti", “the Immortal”, “Daddy Issues”, etc.) and been an outsourcing partner for many international studios in Europe, South East Asia and America. Our portfolio of clients includes Westworld, Locus, Mofac, Gale Studio, Mathematic, MPC, Blur Studio among others.
Our team of dedicated artists is assembled to be part of an end to end production pipeline for both animation, live action projects and TV commercials, capable of executing from concept art and visual development to previsualization, character/ creature animation, FX, lighting to final compositing. We are also
experienced in modeling and surfacing high end CG assets that are either ultra-realistic or cartoony. We have also successfully co-produced full CGI cartoon series that are very popular in Korea such as Stone Age and Journey of Long.
BadClay also has the ambition to develop their own IPs, and venture into other industries such as games, apps or VR.

Timelapse video courtesy of © Brice Godard (

About the Founder

One of the things that makes BadClay Studio unique, is the mix between Western and Eastern influence.

Thierry has made his career in big VFX and animation studios in Europe (DNEG, BUF, etc), working on Hollywood and European blockbusters. In the process, he earned invaluable experience leading and managing teams to Western standards.

He is from Vietnamese background and that gives him an unique perspective on both cultures.

His aim is to nurture and find local talents, making BadClay studio one of the most versatile and professional studio in South East Asia.

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